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Preparing Your Home for Sale

There are many simple and quite inexpensive things you can do in improve on the first impressions a potential buyer has when touring your home. 

Top 10 Findings:

  1. Remove debris and leaves from roof and gutters, as this prohibits viewing of roof and can lead to leaks.

    • Fix = Leaf blower, gardening trowel, or hire a handyman.
  2. Make sure all downspouts are draining away from the house.

    • Fix = Splash blocks, downspout extensions $5 - $20
  3. Secure any loose trim, siding, deck boards, railings, stair treads.

    • Fix = A few nails or screws.
  4. Dragging doors, sticking windows.

    • Fix = If you can't adjust them, call a door supplier and hire a finish carpenter $100+/-
  5. Dripping faucets and minor plumbing leaks, i.e. under sinks and behind toilets.

    • Fix = 1/4 turn of a crescent wrench and/or replace the washer.
  6. Deteriorated calking around tub/shower.

    • Fix = Calking $2
  7. Remove dilapidated add-on structures such as sheds, fencing, anything attached to the house that has exceeded its useful life.

    • Fix = Demolish and haul to the dump.
  8. Clear all wood debris out from under the house, the pest inspector will love it too.

    • Fix = Buy a dust mask and hire a teenager to clear it out.
  9. Cover plates missing.

    • Fix = Cover plates 20 cents each.
  10. Wire splices not in a junction box.

    • Fix = Junction box $1.50

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